Level 1 Certificate Course on Embedded Systems using PSoC

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Career Analytics in association with Eduvance conducts three-day workshops on Embedded Systems on Chip using Programmable System on Chip (PSoC). PSoC is a revolutionary platform introduced by Cypress semiconductors ( PSoC is a true programmable embedded system-on-chip integrating configurable analog and digital peripheral functions, memory and a microcontroller on a single chip. This technical training provides hands-on experience with Cypress’s industry-leading technology. This enables students to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to be quickly productive in the fast-paced world of electronics engineering disciplines. During the training students will be introduced to PSoC technology, architecture, Programmer & Creator.


Total Training will be for 2 Days divided into four technical sessions spread over that period (7 hours per day)

Course Contents

Session 1 –

  • Intro to Embedded Systems and System on Chip
  • Intro to the PSoC Architecture
  • Intro to PSoC platform

Session 2 –

  • Digital I/o – Led Blinking
  • PWM Component – Breathing LEDs

Session 3 –

  • ADC Interface
  • LCD Interface
  • Temperature Measurement

Session 4 –

  • Serial Interface
  • Mini Data Acquisition System

Student Benefits

  • Students will be introduced to exciting world of Embedded System on Chip.
  • Career Analytics will bring it’s own kits for students to work on.
  • Students will be trained on Embedded C, implementation of analog and digital peripherals.
  • The training includes hands-on projects resulting in exploration of fundamentals of Embedded Systems
  • Students will work in groups of 2 with each student getting an opportunity to work hands-on
  • Students will be awarded with the certificate under the Cypress University Alliance after clearing the evaluation test

Workshop Facilitator

  • PhD & IIT in electrical engineering with a specialization in VLSI and embedded systems from University of Southern California. Over 8 years of experience in teaching and education strategy. With numerous teaching awards and research paper awards in the United States and holds a US patent as well.

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