Certified Training in FPGA Design

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Career Analytics in association with Eduvance conducts a 4 day (32 hours) course for students in FPGA design. The goal of this training is to familiarize students with the practical concepts involved with designing chips and prototyping their designs on a FPGA. The training is mainly covers FPGA design where students will focus on learning a Hardware Description Language (HDL) and implement their designs on a FPGA. FPGAs are one of the most exciting platforms that cover the entire range of electronics industries. From aerospace to defense and from medical applications to controls, FPGAs find their home everywhere. To program FPGAs, one needs to know Hardware Description Languages (HDL). As part of this training a student will learn how to implement and simulate different concepts of digital systems design using VHDL. After this course students will be able to take on interesting projects that involve the design and implementation of projects that are targeted to the Front End VLSI industry.

The contents for the training are as follows

  • Verilog Basics(Switches and LEDs)
  • Behavioral Constructs
  • Making Sequential Circuits
  • Structural Designing
    • Building Big designs from Small Designs
    • Mini Project – (Full adder using Half Adders)
  • Finite State Machine Design Concepts
    • Project – Voting Machine
  • Course Project
    • Ripple Carry Adder
    • Carry Look Ahead Adder
FPGA board used – Digilent Basys 2 using Xlilinx Spartan FPGAs


Students of third year and final year (Degree and Diploma) electronics/electronics and communication engineering

Student Benefits

  • Students will be ready to take on the challenges of the VLSI Industry.
  • Eduvance will provide start of the Xilinx FPGA kits that students can practice hands on labs.
  • The training includes hands-on labs resulting in exploration of concepts.
  • Students will work in groups of 2 with each student getting ample opportunity to perform labs
  • Upon successful completion of workshop, students will get a verifiable certificate endorsed by Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)
For training we will provide training hardware. Cost does not include hardware for take home. If student intends to purchase the hardware then CA will direct students to source.

Workshop Facilitator

  • PhD & IIT in electrical engineering with a specialization in VLSI and embedded systems from University of Southern California. Over 8 years of experience in teaching and education strategy. With numerous teaching awards and research paper awards in the United States and holds a US patent as well.

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