Two Day Workshop on Level 1 Certificate Course on ARM Mbed Platform

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Being an ARM University Program Trainer and Training Partner, Eduvance in collaboration with Career Analytics conducts certificate workshops on the ARM mbed platform. The mbed development platform is the fastest way to create products based on ARM microcontrollers. The project is being developed by ARM, its Partners and the contributions of the global mbed Developer Community. Getting trained on the mbed platform and doing projects enables participants to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to be quickly productive in the fast-paced world of electronics engineering discipline. During the training participants will be introduced to ARM architecture, Programming & mbed platform. The training will be conducted using the ARM Freedom KL25Z platform from freescale semiconductors based on the ARM Cortex M0 architecture.


The workshop will be 16 hours duration (2 Days).

  • We will bring own kits for participants to work on.
  • Participants will work in groups of 2 with each student getting an opportunity to work hands-on.

Course Contents

Session 1 –

  • Intro to Embedded Systems and System on Chip
  • Intro to the ARM Architecture
  • Intro to mbed platform

Session 2 –

  • Programming Concepts Shifting, Conditional Statements
  • Lab 1 – Led blinking,
  • Lab 2 – LED Patterns

Session 3 –

  • LCD Introduction
  • Lab 4 – LCD Interface

Session 4 –

  • Analog Concepts
  • Lab 5 – Analog Interfacing using Potentiometer and LCD

Session 5 –

  • Interfacing Accelerometer

Course Project –

  • Surface Level Measurement Indicator

Course Outcomes

  • Participants will be introduced to exciting world of ARM mbed.
  • Participants will be trained on Embedded C, implementation of analog and digital peripherals.
  • The training includes hands-on labs resulting in exploration of concepts.
  • Upon successful completion of course and test, participants will get a verifiable certificate
    • Endorsed by Indo-US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE).
    • Certificate for mbed workshop by ARM University Program Training Partner


Students of 2nd, 3rd Year and Final year EEE, Mechatronics, B.Sc Electronics 2nd Year Final Year, M.Sc 2nd Final Year  

  • For training we will provide training hardware.
  • Cost does not include hardware for take home. If student
  • Intends to purchase the hardware then we will direct
  • Students to source.

Workshop Facilitator

  • PhD & IIT in electrical engineering with a specialization in VLSI and embedded systems from University of Southern California. Over 8 years of experience in teaching and education strategy. With numerous teaching awards and research paper awards in the United States and holds a US patent as well.

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