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The most troubling factor in the Indian education system is the gross “mis-alignment of the academics against the current industry requirements”. India is facing a “non-employ-ability” problem than “un-employ-ability” problem. Do you know that the expectation of the campus hiring companies from the final year students is “zero”?

The primary reason for this situation is that there is no hand-shake between educational institutes and industry. As a result, students severely lack the “industry outlook”. At Career Analytics, we are trying to address this problem by offering “industry relevant” and “industry applicable” projects on leading edge technologies, conceptualized and designed by experts from the Industry. Also, the students get “mentored” by the industry experts while doing the projects with us.

“College Project” is the most critical factor for a student to make a difference during the job selection process.

Students from the same college with almost same level of grades compete at the same level for a job. However a student who does an “industry relevant” project in cutting-edge technologies can make an impact during the selection process. As a result of the coaching, mentor-ship he/she receives from us – the student can present and defend the project more effectively thus enhancing his/her employ-ability chances.

Come explore our wide range of college projects in latest technologies like Big-Data, IoT, Mbed systems, Data Sciences, Data Analysis etc. to be catered to CS, ECE, EEE, BBA, MBA and students from all other disciplines at Graduate and Post graduate levels.

To your convenience, we offer these projects on our cloud platform – so that you can execute these projects from your own campus, home or dorm room. We also offer the required trainings for these projects through our robust digital delivery platform.

Join the huge network of students that have already registered with us.

Make your college project count!!!

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