International College Admissions

When it comes to US college admission process: Students are shooting in the dark when it comes to identifying the colleges and programs in US Students are at the mercy of consulting agencies when it comes to applying for college programs in US Our International College Admissions service begins with a comprehensive discussion with the parent(s) and student, a review of applicable academic and test records, and completion of the Student/Family Profile. With this, the consultant will better understand of student, career goals, areas of interest, priorities, and preferences, as well as your strengths.

Our International College Admission Services Include

  • Counseling
  • Resume Preparation
  • Portfolio Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) Preparation
  • Interaction with current/ Alumni  students from US
  • Counseling by US counselor
  • Interview Preparation (VISA)

Our Unique Offering

  • We identify the right programs for the students to fit into your career goals – based on your profile, financial bandwidth
  • We provide comprehensive information, guidance and customized help:
  • We provide on-the-ground and first-hand information regarding the admissions, financial aid, internships and campus recruitment from all US universities
  • We create a network to interact with current/alumni students
  • We bring the academic experts from US colleges to your service
  • We bring the big picture for your career by analyzing the technology, market trends in your area of interest

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