Our Advisory Board Team

Experience gives knowledge and Knowledge manifests into wisdom. Career analytics is based on the concept of “sharing career wisdom” on a global platform. Our advisory board is a “pool of career wisdom” with vast experience in various fields of IT, Engineering and Management. We believe in “mentorship” and we get “mentored” by these “Industry Pioneers”. Our advisory board is our “guiding body”. We are humbled by the depth of their knowledge and are inspired by their “achievements”. We are proud to have these accomplished individuals along with us.

Priscilla Cohen

CEO of Nelson Cohen, Global Mentorship Speaker

Priscilla Nelson has more than 30 years of consulting experience working with leaders in Fortune 500 companies in over 60 countries. Having served in top global leadership positions, she received international acclaim for her work in leadership development, executive coaching and diversity. Pris is co-author of Riding the Tiger: Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times (ASTD/ Cengage2010), “Let’s Talk”, a desktop coaching resource for leaders, and contributed to The Leadership Handbook (ASTD 2010) as well as numerous articles published around the globe.

Ed Cohen

President of Nelson Cohen, Global Leadership Guru

Ed Cohen (President of Nelson Cohen, Global Leadership guru) – Veteran in leadership development, whose career spans more than 30 years and crosses 40-plus countries. Developed and coached thousands of leaders around the world. During a seven-year stint living and working in India, led leadership development programs for many companies across Asia. As senior vice president of talent management for Mahindra Satyam they became the first and only company outside the U.S. to attain the top ranking by American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

Steve Czajkowski

President of Alexet, Inc. and Industry Awareness Expert, US

Steve Czajkowski (President of Alexet, Inc. and Industry awareness expert, US) – To use technology, market research, company intelligence, customer intelligence, competitive intelligence and advanced analytical techniques to synergistically drive business strategy, performance, and results. To integrate internal & external information for superior insight and clarity of the business environment andcontinually improve. To make analytics, and business competition more enjoyable for those involved in that pursuit, and to harness all the potential each individual has to offer a team
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